Gynecomastia Development with Risperdal Medication

I have a son that has recently developed rudimentary breasts, as a result of the medication that he is taking for his mental conditions. I do not feel comfortable talking about the mental disabilities that he is suffering from, and I am kind of concerned about calling them disabilities. But he does think like I do, and that much is evident. I have been reading about the risperdal gynecomastia side effects, and it is pretty horrifying. At least, I find the situation to be more than a bit disturbing, but much to my displeasure, it seems to be the case, that my son is suffering from the condition, and that, it may be a result of the medications that he is currently taking.

I really would have never thought that a medication that is used to treat a psychological issue, could cause such a profound physiological change in the body. It is enormously concerning, and also something that has taken me completely by surprise. At first, it looked like my son was growing pectoral muscles as young age, but after a little bit of time, it was very clear that is not what was going on.

I would say that I am close to being horrified by this situation. I do not know how it will be resolved, but the preliminary indications are that my son is going to need to have surgery. He is too young to have to have surgery for something as senseless as this in the first place. It really seems to be ridiculous that something like this could even happen in the modern world. My family is going to do all that it can, though, to move past this situation. I am also sure that my son will make a recovery, and that he will be able to bounce back. I know that he has a lot of potential in him.

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How to make a good decision when choosing a donor?

First thing you must be aware of is that there really is no perfect way to make a good choice. Each person is different and everyone was brought up in families with different values and this makes this journey so individual. However everybody has those basic preferences such as physical, emotional and mental characteristics. It is important to know which of these are most important for you and consult this matter with the doctor or donor coordinator.

We advise you to think about this decision in a positive state of mind, let it be a warm and happy experience. Throughout the whole IVF egg donation process there will be matters which are just simply out of your hands but making this decision is where you are in control. You do not have to focus on minor details and if you want you can just trust your feelings.

Making it a positive experience is very important, it will stay in your memory forever and being happy with your decision could have a good influence on bringing up your child. Keep in mind that you are choosing your future child’s DNA but it is so much more and the rest of “who” she or he will become is in your caring, parental hands.

Now after you read about the overall attitude to the process of making the decision for choosing an egg donor you should take a look at some important factors.

Things to consider when making a choice on an egg donor:

  • Remember a perfect donor does not exist. It is unlikely that you will find someone who will fulfil all your expectations as a recipient and a parent and that is why you should not get too focused on every detail.
  • We all know how insensitive, ignorant and nosy some people are. They can make hurtful comments and be unsubtle in overall and simply hurt your feelings by sharing their thoughts on how your kid looks like. Even if you don’t mind this and don’t worry about such people for the good of your child you should consider choosing a donor which has some characteristics that complement your own and is similar to you. If it is possible take a look at the whole donor’s family. In what way is he different than the rest of his siblings, is he thinner are shorter than the rest?
  • If the child is however physically different than you, do not worry! It might not be like your mirror reflection but its gestures, smiles and other things so different and characteristic to each person will be completely deriving from your personality.
  • By making this decision you can in a way balance your own strengths and weaknesses. You might be a very musical person, playing instruments and enjoying dancing and art and you can keep an eye for such things in your donor so that you child will have the same predispositions. It could also be the other way around, maybe you never were good at sports and you would want a donor who might give your child the athleticism needed to be a good football player or any other sport you have in mind.
  • From a medical point of view it is of course most important to choose a donor whose reviewed medical history shows that there will be no genetic complications in the combination with your partner’s sperm. If in your partner’s family medical history was some type of cancer it is a good idea to look for a donor in whose family was no such type of cancer. Consult this matter with your doctor to be sure.
  • Be aware that a highly educated egg donor will not guarantee you intelligence. Some donors could have had a more difficult childhood where parents could not afford a well high education and that does not mean that such a donor does not have predispositions in science for e.g. High education might suggest that your child will have good grades and achieve a lot in education but this really is where you play the most important part by bringing it up properly.
  • After you narrow down your choices it would be a good idea to read the egg donors personal statements. This could really help you making the final decision. Maybe something the donor wrote about himself will make you think about something similar in yourself, something deep only you know about you. Trust your intuition.

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