Surgical Kits for Professionals

Implant procedures requires one crucial element and that is the equipment. The team at is ready to supply you the most complete options in the market. Dental procedures are very delicate, and like any other procedure they need the equipments to be at hand and within reach when most needed.

The kits they provide all come in three options of sizes: the largest is big whereas the smallest is named compact and in between both sizes is the medium kit. As an illustration, the items you can find within each kit ranges from drill bits, ratchet wrench, abutment screw fixing and torque measuring wrench. These are however only some out of the many elements they have in the each kit. Depending on the size, the stage of item complexity also varies.

Transaction wise, all of your ordered items can be paid with a credit card and will be delivered the very next day so as to assure you that your orders reach you immediately after purchase. For orders that exceed 150 pound sterling you get to enjoy a free shipping service from the team. International orders are also welcome and will be shipped to your door the next day. Give them a call for assistance.

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